Life’s blows

Life’s blows

I’m still working around this blog thing since I have never been accustomed to posting my thoughts or feelings or opinions.

Have you ever felt betrayed by the way people perceive you? Even after giving it your best shot? Have you ever been dealt with a series of circumstances which seem to translate to how useless you are? Have you ever stood still and felt the world passing you by?

Well, I get to choose all the above. And all I have to say is that there is no one way to achieve or do the right thing. Even something you have worked your ass off for might not give you the results you deserve or make people realize your true potential just yet. Your unique skill set will set you apart and if you are still standing after all that, then that’s an achievement in itself.

Be a leader. Don’t take no for an answer.

Don’t be scared about being a late bloomer or not blooming at all. That sounds a tad funny but it is true. Embrace your failures and look for the next thing..


Peace out

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